Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WotC News

This is actually a piece I got off of ICv2.

**“We are changing our approach to our minis product line,” Wizards of the Coast Senior Brand Manager for D&D Scott Rouse said of the company’s major changes to Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures. WotC will move the line away from fully randomized packaging beginning next year. The final 2008 release, Demonweb, will be the last D&D Minis release sold in that format. WotC will also offer more player character minis and more large figures.

Two new series will begin in 2009: Players Handbook Heroes and Monster Manual.**

Apparently the new format will allow you to buy the sets you want to get the minis you need/want for your games. I think the change was as much for the RPG gamers as it was for the minis gamers. Even if you only want to get a specific type of mini you will still need to buy multiple packs to get what you want, so they aren't really losing out on sales. Unless of course you are an extremely lucky individual who gets exactly what they want every time. If you are tell me how you do it.

Also in WotC news on ICv2:

**One other interesting item from the conference call came in response to a question about when Hasbro’s various investment initiatives were going to start paying off. The first thing CFO David Hargreaves mentioned was the revenue potential at the recently restructured Wizards of the Coast digital initiative (see “WotC Pulls the Plug on Gleemax”). “I think in terms of the Wizards of the Coast digital initiative, we should have revenue coming on tap," he said. "I think we are going out with a subscription based site there" (see “4th Edition D&D Insider”). D&D Insider has launched with limited functionality and a lower than anticipated subscription fee, with more features and higher prices to follow. **

Higher Prices!!!! Glad I decided not to subscribe.