Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ElfQuest Online.

The comic book Elfquest has always been a favorite of mine. One because I'm a gamer and have used the plots from the books in numerous campaigns and two because I'm a comic book fan. The books are actually a good resource for gamers that I think gets overlooked far too often. It's a comic book about elves for Pete's sake!
Granted the characters tend to have a little bit of a Saturday morning cartoon feel, but I think that is because the more delicate topics like sexuality were handled very maturely by the creators, so that it wasn't "shocking" and could be enjoyed by readers of many different ages. For the most part the stories are very good and easily adaptable to pretty much any basic fantasy setting. To me Elfquest always felt a little like old school D&D.

So if you need some campaign ideas, are a comic book fan or just love Elfquest you should be happy to know that you can read them online. I have been going through the site and it seems to me that pretty much every book, and there have been quite a few, is available to read, for free, on the Elfquest site. Check them out here.


Samuel Van Der Wall said...

ElfQuest is definitely one of those things that you see and instantly link with roleplaying (in my head at least). And you're right, they are a great source for gamer inspiration.

Geek Gazette said...

I was reading my elfquest books the other day and can't believe that I hadn't seen anything new recently. I really enjoyed the books when I was younger, and still enjoy rereading them. I can't tell you how many campaign ideas I borrowed from those books when I first started DMing.

Donny_the_DM said...

I was floored to find out they were still around!

I grew up reading their adventures, but lost all my books (1-4) during a move across country.

Cant wait for the movie!

Geek Gazette said...

I was kind of surprised myself. I still have the HC TPB of the first series that I read a lot. I too lost a lot of my books over the years, many to my ex wife, but the HC and few remaining single issues get plenty of use.