Saturday, August 2, 2008

Goodbye Maztica

I have always had an affinity for the Maztica D&D setting. Sure it was part of the Forgotten Realms and I've never been a Realms fan, but Maztica was still pretty cool. So when 4e was announced I automatically made my desire for a revised Maztica known on the WotC boards. Well it was all for naught as I recently discovered.
There was an article about the Spellplague that ravages 4e FR on the D&D site from back in January, I know I am a little behind but I miss things on occassion, that said :
"Across the Trackless Sea, and entire continent of the lost realm reappeared (called Returned Abeir) subsuming the continent of Maztica."
To me this means that one of my favorite settings will not only miss the 4e revision, it is pretty well dead with no plans or hope for resurrection. Too bad for me I guess there just aren't enough Maztica fans out there. Mabe Paizo will do something Maztica-like for the Pathfinder RPG if there is enough interest... time to hit the Paizo boards.

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