Monday, October 27, 2008

Kinda busy lately

For regular readers of the Gazette I must apologize for not posting a great deal of material lately. It has been a busy few weeks and there really wasn't much time. As a matter of fact I'm doing this post in between classes so that I can get it done. Going back to college, working full time and taking care of the family is a daunting task, as many of you know.
So while the past few weeks may be a bit thin on content, I hope to rectify that soon. I have some new reviews (although some of the products I'll be reviewing are not that new), a few ideas I would like to share on horror gaming (it is October after all), some music reviews, the annual Geek Gazette Christmas list, some comic book reviews and a couple of short stories. Keep in mind the stories are first drafts so don't expect brilliance, but I wanted to churn them out and get them up before Halloween.

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