Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No more D&D for me... for a while

I'm taking this holiday season off from D&D. I'm a bit tired of all the hype, trash talking and in fighting among fans (I've done my fair share of all of them) about 4e and have decided to remove myself from the whole mess for a while. I have expressed my likes and dislikes for the system, argued my points, and mentioned WotC's inability to deliver as/when promised more than once.
I still like the 4e system, but for the remainder of the year I will not play D&D or talk about the game on this blog. I am declaring for the rest of the year, I will not post any opinions or reviews of the game. I don't even plan to post any news items. There are so many other blogs that will pick up any important D&D news, I know there will be more than enough quality info out there. If you don't believe me check out all the great blogs over at RPGbloggers, you won't be disappointed.
My brain is over saturated with anti-WotC sentiment, much of which I have caused and this has removed some of the fun for a game I have loved for too many years. So I'm taking this time to recharge my gaming batteries. After the new year maybe I will be able to look at the game the way I use to.
Granted there are only a handful of weeks left in the year, but my next 4-5 weeks will be D&D free.
This is my end of year resolution... no D&D for me.


Anonymous said...

Might I suggest a rousing game of Maid: RPG to cure your weariness?


Geek Gazette said...

I actually thought this was a joke or something, but soon found out that Maid is a real RPG. How odd, I will have to check that one out.

Anonymous said...

I have a review of it here:


It is pretty much my favorite RPG of all time.