Sunday, January 25, 2009

NHL All Star Game

The NHL All Star Game just finished and the East won 12-11. That is pretty much unheard of in most hockey games and left me wondering why we can't see more scores like that. The new net designs they are trying out in the NHL are suppose to alleviate this issue, which is supposedly keeping fans away from hockey. While I think the problem is promotion, or lack there of, in non hockey markets, I hope their plan works. More people should watch hockey! Anyway, it was a great game and I only wish hockey got the attention that basketball or NASCAR does. I listened to the game in the car driving home from work and just wish I could have actually seen it. It was a really fun game to listen to. Kudos to the radio broadcasters for making a great game even more exciting.


Jason James said...

I am taking my GF to her first hockey game this coming Friday. We get to see the Wisconsin Badgers take on Minn / Duluth. If you have never seen a badger hockey game you are missing something pretty special.

Geek Gazette said...

Man I wish we had hockey in our area. We have one college team, the college doesn't even recognize them for the most part, but they play at such odd times I can't go. It is so bad no one even knows the team exist. They didn't even play for several seasons.
If we had a regular team back in town, ECHL, AHL, CHL, USHL... I don't care, I would go every chance I got.

Anonymous said...

well this friday it will be rocket science.

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