Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Open d6

Open d6 article on Examiner.com

I honestly have never tried the d6 system, or any product by West End Games, but I'm thinking of picking up at least one of the core books. Probably d6 Fantasy and if I like it maybe I'll buy more. If the system is as fast and friendly as I've heard it may deserve some more support and promotion from the RPG fan community.


Anonymous said...

Star Wars D6 is the only Star Wars game i'll ever play.


No SW RPG will ever come close to the cinematic feel of the d6 game, and it's countless number of supplements.

It is a fantastic game, get the rule book on ebay and give it a shot, you won't look back.

Wimwick said...

I'm a big fan of the d6 Star Wars game. I feel they really captured the feel of the Star Wars universe.

While I don't play any d6 games anymore, I am keeping my eye on the new Open d6 rule set and I the Septimus game setting.