Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spreading the Word

After my last post I'm now trying to think of new ways to "spread the word" about games other than D&D.
The only problem is that I'm not exactly sure what would be the optimal way to do this. I mean I can blog about it all day but I doubt that will be very effective. Mostly because we bloggers are predominately blogging for each other and not really exposing many other gamers to what we know and love outside of D&D.
I have discussed other games with the group I DM for, but again that is a fairly self contained group and the discussion doesn't generally go beyond my dining room walls.
I had thought about making flyers for the RPG Bloggers Network and hanging them in various comic book/gaming shops, as well as non-gaming stores but again I'm not sure how effective that would be. I mean really, who looks at those flyers anyway.
So I'm asking the bloggers and readers of the RPGBN to make some suggestions. I'll keep thinking and trying to come up with good ideas, posting them for feedback from on occassion, but I am happy to use or take part in someone else's idea. Also I wouldn't be against this being a group effort. After all we are a pretty resourceful group of gamers, from all walks of life, located all over the country/world, surely together we can come up with something.


lessthanpleased said...

No one is going to care about a flier pushing the RPG Bloggers network - if you're dead set on printing fliers, my advice would be to cut out the middle man and simply place them in the garbage.

The bloggers network appeals to gaming fanatics - a small niche. A sizable portion of that niche is already aware of the network, so publicizing it would probably be a case of diminishing returns.

The best thing you can do to get people interested in non-D&D games is to run them for people. Do it in your gaming store. Put a sign-up sheet in your local library and see if they'll sponsor it as an after-hours program. Volunteer to run games at a YMCA.

People blogging about games isn't particularly exciting - nor should it be. Any asshole can start a blog on blogspot. But the thing that made you start blogging is your love of gaming.

So what do you think will be more persuasive to people you want to get to try new games? A blog post where you reflect on gaming, or an actual game run for actual people that is actually fun?

Doing that would have measurable results. It would also be infinitely more effective and proactive than sticking a "3.5 Resurgent" sticker on your blog. If 3.5 really is resurgent, then people should be playing it instead of talking about playing it, no?


Geek Gazette said...

I was just spitballing some ideas. Throwing them out and hoping to get some feedback. I know flyers for the RPGBN won't be effective and stated as much. It might draw one or two newer gamers who will become enthusiasts, but that is a best case scenario.
Instead I'm working on flyers promoting a new gaming group(s) for new and experienced players. I plan to put them in the exact same spots you suggested, the Y, the library,plus some local stores. I'm trying to recruit some of the more experienced players in this area to help run games.
I plan to run PfRPG, Cortex, Call of Cthulhu and maybe Rifts. The other guys can run 2e and maybe Champions. I've even thought about asking a few shop owners to help out. I kind of plan it to run like a very, very mini-con for our area.
I'm still open to suggestions.