Wednesday, January 6, 2010

RPGNow 20 for $10

I've been out of the loop for a bit so I don't know if anyone else on the RPGBN has posted about this, but it still deserves another mention.

RPGNow is trying to "jump start the gamer economy here at the start of the year" by offering 20 pdfs from various game publishers for only $10. Normally I only give deals like this a passing glance because most of the titles are likely on sale because no one really wants them. This is not one of those times.

The sale features books from Margaret Weis Productions such as the Battlestar Galactica core rules, Geist: The Sin Eaters core rules from White Wolf and Mutants & Masterminds 2e core rules from Green Ronin, among others. There are a few titles listed that I'm not familiar with and that don't seem like my cup of tea, but I want copies of at least half of the books on the list. Even the M&M 2e books, which I already own in hardcopy. I don't actually need it but $10 is too good to pass up for a portable copy. Just don't tell my wife, she'd probably kick my butt.

I finally broke down and bought the Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition pdf recently, so am thinking about picking up  Deadlands for SW to use as I learn the system. For $10 a piece I can afford to buy a few books and at that price I think I can tolerate printing them out to use.

These are the prices that pdfs should be all the time. I'd buy a lot more of them if that were the case.

RPGNow 20 for $10 page.


Jonathan said...

SW Deadlands is great fun. We almost had a total TPK last night becuase we forgot the #1 rule of SW -- its OK to run away... luckily our gunslinger had a crazy burst of Aces, and ended up saving the day. Only two PCs died... it was a good day.

Rognar said...

That was a great deal. I picked up Starblazer Adventures from Cubicle 7. Massive game. It will take me weeks to go through it. It uses the FATE system, a game engine I'm not familiar with. Still, for $10, it's a steal.

Geek Gazette said...

I ended up buying Deadlands. I haven't even gotten the chance to read the SW core book yet. I just bought it because of all the great reviews and the price.