Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Favorite Pathfinder Character Generator

Recently I was looking for a Pathfinder character generator so I could make some quick NPCs and pre-gens for new players. I came across this site with a great PFRPG character gen. It is easy to use and it generates fairly nice character sheets that you can print when you're done.

If you go back to the home site, TroveToken, you can buy some of their products and also access the beta for an online 4e NPC generator, an online battlemap generator and a generator called "Storybook."

To be quite honest the Pathfinder generator is really the only thing on the site I've ever used, and I use it a lot, so I can't speak of the quality or usefulness of the others. However, I will probably start using the 4e NPC generator if my players take to the Essentials line like I have.

One last note, most of these programs are free to use online, but they will cost you if you want to download them.

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Sunglar said...

Thanks for the heads up, that is a great character gen indeed… As a Pathfinder fan it will be great help. Love the site!