Monday, September 7, 2009

Gnomes are Evil!!!

I thought I would repost this one because I have seen several Gnome, UFO and Chupacabra articles over the past few monts.
I've never liked Gnomes and generally banned them from all of my games, until Pathfinder was released. I like that PfRPG Gnomes are more Fey and less tinkerer or illusionist than previous versions. So I ammend my comment, only pre-Pathfinder Gnomes are evil. ;-)

Have a Great Memorial Day!

Click on the links below to see video and articles that prove once and for all that gnomes are evil little creatures. This only justifies my complete dislike of the little monsters and one of the many reasons why I don't let the creepy bastards in my games.

Evil Gnome Video
Evil Gnome News Article

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

They certainly are.

Pathfinder does have a good take on them. But I admit that I like gnomes who work with clockwork and build things, though I despise Dragonlance-style "funny technology" tinker gnomes. There is a place for tool-using gnomes that are not crazy-stupid comedy relief.