Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Impact and Milestone become part of DCU

In the early 90's DC comics had a line of books published under Impact Comics banner. The line was made up of old Archie Comics superheroes such as The Shield, The Fly, The Comet, and The Jaguar. While I personally read and enjoyed a few of the titles, they were not that popular and the line ended after only a few years. In a move that is coming out of left field DC has decided to bring those characters back.

Apparently they will be appearing in the Brave and the Bold comic series and become a part of the DCU at large. On one hand I applaud DC for reviving these character, which I always felt had potential but on the other hand I just don't understand why they are doing it. They aren't mega-popular Golden or Silver Age characters, they are pretty much nobodies except to a few fans like myself but I've always had a soft spot for the 2nd stringers.
I haven't seen anything stating whether these characters were bought by DC from Archie Comics or are simply being leased out. My bet is if they are part of the DCU, they either own them or will in the near future. Of course if they go the way of the Charlton characters (Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, The Question, etc..) that DC bought in the early 80's I feel really sorry for them because they will probably be underused, killed off, change gender, and made into villains.

In another attempt to increase DC's stable of characters they have also announced that they will bring the Milestone characters (Icon, Static, Hardware, etc..) back from oblivion and integrate them into the DCU. Now the Milestone character's run was a bit longer than that of those from the Impact line and one, Static, even got his own animated show. Still I can't help but wonder why in a comic book universe overflowing with characters they would bring in so many more. Especially ones whose roles are already filled by DC mainstays such as Superman. Could it be that DC wants some more minorty characters and the owner of said characters just happens to be working on Justice League? Regardless I am glad to see these characters revived and in use once again.

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