Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rifts Movie

According to a recent ICv2 article, the studio is going to decide whether to proceed with the Rifts movie based on the newest version of the script being written by Rawson Marshall Thurber. I for one would love to see a good movie made from this property. Even if you don't like the system, you have to admit the Rifts world is an amazing setting. I enjoy just reading the books for inspiration in my other games. Rifts is an epic setting with an infinite amount of potential stories.Done properly a Rifts movie could be one of the best Sci-fi/Fantasy films to come out since Lord of the Rings.


JohnOSpencer said...

It could be a great could also be complete crap. I don't think a project like this will get the support(directing/budget) it would need to be a great movie, but i'm crossing my fingers.

Geek Gazette said...

You and me both. You are also correct in the fact that the studio will likely not invest the money a movie such as this deserves and unless we get lucky with the script and director, it could likely be crap. But I remain ever optimistic.