Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Top 10 Halloween Movies

Every holiday my family and I get a stack of movies together that celebrate the spirit of the season and watch them in the weeks leading up to the holiday. Anyone who read the old Geek Gazette e-zine, knows that I like to make lists, especially around the holidays. So to keep the tradition alive here are my Top 10 Halloween Movies.
I have many other favorites but these are 10 of my must watch movies for Halloween. Most of which I have used as inspiration for my Halloween games. Feel free to share your favorites as well.

  1. Young Frankenstien
  2. Halloween (original)
  3. Dawn of the Dead
  4. Dagon
  5. Nightmare on Elm Street
  6. In the Mouth of Madness
  7. Night of the Living Dead (original)
  8. Army of Darkness
  9. Ginger Snaps
  10. Silver Bullet


Reverend Mike said...

You forgot Jason VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan...

Best horror film ever!...

Ripper X said...

1. Evil Dead
2. The Hills Have Eyes (the original)
3. Don't Look In the Basement
4. Blood Feast
5. House of 1,000 Corpses
6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
7. Dementia 13
8. Carnival of Souls
9. The Blair Witch Project
10. Friday the 13th 1&2

Scott said...

What? No Psycho?

Geek Gazette said...

Believe me it was hard to narrow it down with so many great movies. I considered Psycho and Friday the 13th, but decided against them. They are in the top 20 for sure.

Presley said...

Carnival of Souls' is my most favorite Halloween movie.