Monday, March 23, 2009

Watchmen. Was it worth the wait?

I managed to finally see Watchmen last night and have to admit I was both amazed and disappointed. On one hand the movie stayed incredibly true to the source material, something I applaud the film makers for doing. Yet at the same time I can see that as a fan of the material, it could have been a bit distancing for those not familiar with the original story. Thinking back I, like many others, tend to remember the story fondly and forget that non comic book readers may not get it. The story is pretty deep and requires you to think a little, something too few people are willing to do.
So my final opinion on the film is definitively positive. I thought it was great and I will definitely be buying the extended DVD version. But for someone who doesn't know the characters and the story, I have to admit that it may seem rather dull. The story is kind of slow. If someone goes into this thinking they are getting a movie like X-men, they will probably be disappointed. But for fans, it was definitely worth the 20+ year wait.

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