Thursday, March 19, 2009

Top Cow Subscriptions

I love being able to subscribe to the comics I want to read. Not only does it allow me to make sure I get every issue, but I don't have to make the hour long drive to the nearest comic book shop. It kind of upsets me that few companies offer subscriptions anymore. Heroic Publishing, DC and Marvel are pretty much the only companies I've found that still offer this service. Although DC & Marvel don't offer every series, they do offer quite a few, which is better than nothing. But what if you really enjoy reading Image, Dynamite, Dark Horse or other comics that don't offer subscriptions and you don't have a shop anywhere near you, well for the most part you are screwed and have to use some type of online order service. Although that may be changing soon.
Top Cow is now offering subscriptions to their books through Mayhem Comics. The prices don't seem to be too bad, a few bucks less than in the shops, but at least now you can get the latest issue of Witchblade or Darkness.They offer 6 or 12 month subscriptions as well as subscriptions for limited series such as Black Vault. This is something Marvel and DC should do more of.

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