Wednesday, July 1, 2009

RPGB Network in wikipedia?

This has only the slightest relevance to anything, but I was looking for some Pathfinder news/info on the web and decided to see what wikipedia had to say on the subject. To my surprise there were actual posts by Chad Perrin: SOB used as a reference. How Paizo fixed D&D and What does "compatibility" mean for Pathfinder? were both listed in the External Links and Reference section, as are the Pathfinder Wiki, Pathfinder SRD and PfSRD.
While I know that wikipedia can be edited by anyone I just thought that it was interesting to see a fellow RPGBN member's blog posts listed there as a reference. Even more interesting is the fact there are 2 SRD sites for a game that is not even released yet... at least not officially.
I've said it before and honestly just feel like saying it again. I am really looking forward to the release of Pathfinder and plan to be gaming with the 3.x rules for many years to come.

Wikipedia page for Pathfinder

Also in Pathfinder news, and while it is rather old news at this point I haven't seen much about it, but Monte Cook has joined the Pathfinder team as a rules consultant. A friend of mine says that should give Pathfinder a little more cred as the true successor of 3.5. Personally I think Paizo produced enough quality content for 3.x ( a lot of it better than WotC) that they don't need anymore credibility, but I won't complain if Cook is onboard.


jreyst said...

Hey everyone - I saw this post and realized it referenced the SRD site I've been working on. In the interests of full disclosure, I edited the Wikipedia page for Pathfinder and added the link to the SRD page I put together. In my (not so) humble opinion, my SRD site is much (much) further along than the other one listed on there. I wanted to contact the people who had created the other one but there is no obvious contact information for them and it appears the site is either abandoned or just updates extremely slowly. Anyway, I wanted to find out how one gets a link added into the "Some of the best links on the net" section on the right side of thegeekgazette? Not that I think mines so awesome or anything (well actually I do :) ) but I was just curious. I'd like everyone who is a fan of Pathfinder to come on over and check it out and help make the site even better. Thanks everyone!

Geek Gazette said...

already done.