Saturday, August 16, 2008

Maztica... Alive!?

Even though I could not attend Gen Con this year, I've been whining about the fact in my posts over the past few days in case you missed them, I have been doing my best to keep up with what is going on. For that I have to give thanks to my RPG blogging brethren as a great deal of info has come from them, but I also check the various company websites daily.

Today I was on WotC's site looking at their daily Gen Con coverage and general Forgotten Realms info when I found this little tidbit.

"What happened to other areas of the Realms?
In part, Maztica has been moved to Abeir; Kara-Tur is mentioned briefly in the Hordelands section of the FR Campaign Guide."

Does this mean I will have updated material for my Maztica Campaign? As I have mentioned before I have very little experience or knowleged when it comes to playing in the Realms. The only time I've used the setting was way back in 2e and that was exclusively in Maztica. Even though I have ordered the 4e FR setting, I must confess a bit of ignorance here. From the way it sounds on my end Maztica is not wholly gone, but merged with another part of the realms. Which seems to be contrary to previous information and good news for me.

The article also has somef informaiton about happenings and changes in the Realms and the NPCs that inhabit the setting such as Elminster and Drizzt.

So if you are an FR fan and you didn't make it to Gen Con read the whole article here.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Back in the day (early 90s) I ran a short but very sweet Maztica/Kara Tur campaign, with characters from Kara Tur sailing east and "discovering" Maztica. So, so much fun.

Geek Gazette said...

I decided to ask about Maztica on the WotC message boards and this is what I found out.
My Post #1:
"I just want to know one thing. Is Maztica completely and utterly gone or is it now a part of Abeir?
According to how I understood the brief mention in the Gen Con report it is not destroyed/removed from the Realms but a part of Abeir.

"What happened to other areas of the Realms?
In part, Maztica has been moved to Abeir; Kara-Tur is mentioned briefly in the Hordelands section of the FR Campaign Guide."

Yet everything else I read says that it is gone for good. Which is right?"
Reply # 1 by Belorin:
"Well, since Abeir is another planet existing on another plane, Maztica is pretty much gone. Also, don't confuse Abeir with Returned Abeir, RA is comprised of sections of Abeir that have replaced sections of Toril."

My Post #2:
"Ok so let me get this straight. I am new to playing in the realms, having only played in Maztica way back when and skipping the setting completely in 3e.
Maztica is now on another planet, but still exists. However, it will not be a part of the Forgotten Realms.
Is this right?"
Reply #2 by MarkusTay63
"Correct...It sounds like an Abbot and Costello routine, the way you put it"

So I guess that is the final word, so far, on Maztica. It is still in existence, but not only on another planet. Never to be seen again.
That is just dumb, even for D&D.

Geek Gazette said...

@ ber
I think their decision to remove Maztica was plain old fashioned stupid. Especially with 2012 just around the corner. I know it was tha Mayans and not the Aztec that came up with the 2012 "predictions" but most people don't. This has already brought a renewed interest to both mayan and aztec culture, which maztica is a amalgam of, so why take it out of the game?

Seethyr said...

I know I am jumping on the bandwagon of an old post, but I've been looking around and finding out just how many people really miss Maztica. Even this many years later, we still remember!

Anyway I created a yahoo group called "Maztica Alive" where we can at least share our own homebrew Maztica material. I have put a few adventures that I created up there that I am quite proud of. Please come join and take them! One is a sequel of sorts to City of Gold and the other is a game adaptation of the 2008 movie, The Ruins.

Group home page:

Group email address: