Saturday, August 16, 2008

Other Cons

Since I am at home wallowing in self pity instead of at Gen Con, I have decided to look for even more gaming conventions I can attend. I really don't want to wait until next August to get my game on.
Frankly there aren't a whole lot of big cons, or cons of any kind in my area but I have found a few. I've also stumbled upon some cons located around the country. So if you are like me and you didn't make it to Indy this year, maybe you'll find a con on my list that is close to you.

I've listed every gaming/sci-fi con that I could find, in no particular order, that takes place between now and next August. If you know of a con in your area that I left off the list let me know and I will keep looking and adding cons as I find them.

Conglomeration- Louisville, Ky (the site is for the 08 con, but there should be another one next spring)
Origins Game Fair- Columbus, OH- 2009: June 24-28
DunDraCon -San Ramon, CA
Dragon Con - Atlanta, GA
ArmadilloCon - Austin, TX
Fan Expo Canada - Toronto, Ontario
Bubonicon - Albuquerque, NEW MEXICO
CogCon - MO
ConQuest -
Gen Con UK - Reading, BERKS
Palladium Open House- Westland, MI
PAX Penny Arcade Expo - Seattle, WA
TCEP 15: The Elder Party - Laurel, MD
Protocon 10 - College Station, Texas
Gamer's Reunion - Rochester, MN
Conception: UK
Aurora-Con - Anchorage, Alaska
Games Day Memphis - Memphis, TN
Winter Dark - Lake Geneva, WI
Con on the Cob - Akron, Ohio
Archon - St. Louis Metro Area, Missouri / Illinois
Nuke-Con - Council Bluffs, IA
FlatCon - Bloomington, IL
ConClave - Romulus, MI
Necronomicon - St. Petersburg , Florida
OshCon - Oshkosh, WI
TRAVELLERcon - Lancaster, Pennsylvania
FurFright - Waterbury, Connecticut
CharCon - Charleston, WV
ClineCON - Pittsburgh, PA
Ancient City Con- Northeast Florida
Bakuretsucon - Colchester, Vermont
Con-Fusion - Victoria, BC
HallowCon - Chattanooga, TN
Youmacon- Dearborn, Michigan
Carnagecon - Fairlee, Vermont
BGG.CON- Irving, TX
Philcon - Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Scarefest- Lexington, KY
U-Con - Ann Arbor, MI
Kajonk-a-Con - Knoxville, Tennessee
Chattacon - Chattanooga, TN
GottaCon - Victoria, BC
Con Nooga - Chattanooga, TN
PrezCon - Charlottesville, Va
Starcon - Rochester, Michigan
PointCon - Stevens Point, Wisconsin
MisCon 23 - Missoula, Montana
Strategicon: Los Angeles, CA


Questing GM said...

That's alot of cons happening in one year.

From where I come from, we don't even have a single con that is dedicated to gaming.

Just cons and expos for anime and manga related stuff.

Geek Gazette said...

As far as cons in my immediate area, Conglomeration is it. And I have to confess I have never been. It usually takes place when I'm working so I have to decide whether to use vacations days for Conglomeration or Gen Con... which is no contest. There are probably other tiny cons that I still haven't found in this area, but there couldn't be too many or as a life long resident I probably would have heard of them.

Patrick said...

Running GAGG! The website hasn't been updated yet but it should be in February 2009, in Geneseo NY.

ClineCON said...


This is ClineCON in Pittsburgh. Thanks for posting my con to your blog. I found your blog by doing a Google search to see where ClineCON was coming up.

There is one other convention in the Pittsburgh area dedicated to gaming that is not on your list. My friends at GASP are running GASP-Con 9 at the Best Western Hotel in Greentree, a suburb just south of Pittsburgh. GASP-Con 9 runs November 1 and 2, 2008.

Here is the link for GASP-Con: