Friday, August 15, 2008

Paizo Rocks!

I just downloaded the Beta for the Pathfinder RPG and while I haven't read the whole thing I have to admit that I am blown away by the size of it. The main book is 410 pages and the download comes with an additional 65 page supplement. That is a a total of 475 pages of potentially free 3.75 material. This is also just the playtest material, not the finished game. I have to give Paizo kudos for pulling a stunt like this. They must be very sure of the quality of the game, and be interested in getting as many 3e gamers behind it as possible to make that much free material available. That is how you promote a product! Gamers love free stuff.
Like I said I haven't finished reading it, actually I've just begun, but I will be posting my thoughts once I am done. Paizo made the download for this product free to anyone who is interested. Granted the print version will cost you, but even that price ($24.99) is still cheaper than most gaming products.


Rob said...

Paizo does indeed rock and I love their tweaks to the system so far. I was not thrilled with D&D 4 so I am really looking forward to Paizo's version as well.

Geek Gazette said...

I am still just beginning to read the Beta material, but I like it so far. Still haven't gotten into the nuts and bolts of how it is different than 3.5, most of it has been minor so far.

Questing GM said...

I got my copy too and I'm also going through it currently.

Just reading the classes chapter just tickles something inside of me that I'm not done with 3.5 yet. And it might keep me away from 4E for awhile.

Paizo's work quality is also much better than WoTC's and I'm really impressed on the direction that Paizo is taking with the OGL.

Geek Gazette said...

Paizo's all around level of quality is one of the reasons people were so upset by what happened with Dragon and Dungeon magazines.

Questing GM said...

Now I can see why.

Even their playtest documents puts WoTC's 3.5 PHB to shame!

Geek Gazette said...

@ questing gm
You are exactly right.Paizo's playtest material is on par with Hero System's FRed book. Nearly 500 pages of playtest material is amazing. Then when you consider the high quality of the content and the fact it isn't even the finished product, I for one am awestruck by Paizo.