Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Finally Here!

My PHB2 came in today, which seems to be the case for just about everyone else. I haven't had time to read through it yet but plan on doing so during spring break. I have a few other game books I am trying to finish reading and will get some kind of review of them all posted in the near future.

BTW, is anyone keeping up with the final episodes of BSG? I have read a lot of posts where people on various forums and blogs are commenting that the direction of the show seems to have gotten lost in these last episodes. I for one think have been pretty damn good.
I just hope appropriate supplements gets released for the RPG. Of course given the delays in other products like Serenity, we may not get them until Caprica is in its final season, or my little girl graduates high school (in about 6 years) which ever comes first.

Speaking of Caprica, I sure hope MWP gets on the ball and does release stuff that will take BSG up to the end of the show as well as producing products that will allow players to run pre-BSG games in and before the timeframe of the Caprica show. Also, just for fun, I hope they do a Classic BSG book with stats for the old Cylons and characters (ain't gonna happen, I don't think they have the rights to the original).
HeyMWP, while your at it I'd like to see a Buck Rogers (the 1970's version), and Greatest American Hero RPG.

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