Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Who is the greatest warrior on Spike TV

Though this is not all rpg related it does have some cool aspects that go along with RPG's. Spike TV is doing a series called Who is the Deadliest Warrior?. This is going to air in april and is unscripted. It will give answers to who is the better fighter the samarui, vikings. It is going to see who is better between William Wallace and Zulu. Also facing off will be the Yukuza and the Mafia.

The first episode is April 7 at 10 PM eastern and will have a gladiator facing off with an Apache. Chuck Liddel from UFC is going to make a speical guest appearance to test his abilities against the fighters.

This seems like it could be a very good idea and could be very interesting. Hope it can live up to it

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V said...

this is hilarious!!!!!!!