Thursday, February 3, 2011

More 2nd edition AD&D goodies and they're all precious....

My attempts to recover long lost 2e books as well as gain books I missed the first time is coming along quite well. I recently received my copies of the 2nd Edition AD&D revised PHB and DMG to go right along side of my original 2e PHB and DMG. I sat down and quickly thumbed through them before work. All I can say is, THAC0 or not I really want to play a 2e game now. It has been well over a decade since I've really played 2e and reading through these book made me remember just how much I enjoyed this edition.

I know there are a lot of 2e haters out there and you are welcome to your opinion, even though you are wrong, (just kidding) but to me AD&D 2e was a great game. I wish it got a bit more love by the OSR but I'm thankful that there are a few people out there working on keeping the system alive and revising it for today's gamers.

Revised 2e PHB
Revised 2e DMG
Original 2e Books

From the comments I've seen on some of the message boards there are more than a few 2e fans that will strongly disagree with my following comment, but I like the artwork on the original 2e books better than the revised versions. As a matter of fact the original 1989 DMG probably has my all time favorite RPG cover (Pathfinder and Hollow Earth Expedition tie for a close second). There is just something about that image of the dragon and wizard that sums up, for me at least, what D&D is all about. However, the interior of both of the revised books is much nicer than the original books and from what I can tell they are also much better organized.

Now I'm just waiting for my black cover 2e Monster Compendium to come in the mail.  Then I plan on picking up some campaign settings I missed, some of the faux leather bound spell books, and maybe some of the "Complete" series of books. I've really had my eye on The Complete Book of Necromancer, but it will probably have to wait a bit longer.


David Cutts said...

2e is a great system!

Sully said...

I still have my black cover books (PHB, DMG, Monstrous Manual, Skills & Powers, Combat & Tactics), and have been thumbing through them for inspiration for my 4e game. They're still great reads! AD&D 2e doesn't get the love it deserves.

Geek Gazette said...

I still use my 2e Creative Campaigning book when I need some inspiration.
While I make no claims that 2e is mechanically superior to any other edition, I have to say some of flavor and sourcebooks are without equal.

Artdrone said...

There is one reason that will always have me back to 2e. Planescape, my absolutely favourite setting that I'm too busy to convert to any other system.