Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some more Old School Treasures rediscovered

Thanks to Northwest over on the Purple Worm forum, (If you're a 2e fan you really should check out the Purple Worm site) I have found a copy of the first D&D book I bought for myself. The book that really introduced me to not only D&D, but RPGs, the Expert Rulebook.

I had this as a kid, though not the rest of the box set, and traded it and another book for the 1e AD&D PHB and DMG. As I got older I started kicking myself in the butt for getting rid of this book, mostly for sentimental reasons. I spent years trying to find a copy, but the problem was my memory was faulty and all I could remember was that it was a blue DMG. This was only partially right and so everyone I asked and every search engine I tried never turned up a blue DMG at any point. No sooner did Northwest post the image than I immediately recognized the book and hoped on amazon.

I got a copy for under $5 and can now proudly place it in my continually growing RPG collection. I'll probably never play it, though I will read it and remember the fun I had learning the game. This book contributed to making me the geek I am today. I just wish I had kept my original.


Will McAusland:: Creative Director , Outland Arts said...

Ah, holy cow! The D&D Expert book was my first rpg book of my very own! It got me into drawing too and I own my fantasy illustration career to seeing the Bill Willingham art inside> I still have my copy, in which I colored all the images with pencil crayon.

Glad you found a copy

Geek Gazette said...

Finding that just made my week. I've got mid-terms so I haven't had a chance to read it, but spring break is coming up in a month or so. I may even use it in a quick game with my daughter. Just for old times sake.