Monday, June 2, 2008

Comic Book News & Rumors

  • Apparently Marvel had a great deal of success with the adaptation of Stephen Kings Dark Tower books and are planning to continue their relationship with the King of Horror. Marvel is now planning to release The Stand in comic book form.
  • Invincible Iron Man #1 reportedly shipped with 11 variant covers. Two of these variants had movie photo covers, the newstand edition and the super secret movie version. Expect the variants to be hard to find. 11 Covers! Is it the 90's again?
  • Bizarro appeared on the most recent issue of Sports Illustrated. What does a whacked out Superman clone have to do with Baseball? Pick it up and find out.
  • Disney is starting their own comic book company called Kingdom Comics. They will adapt Disney classics in the hopes of rejuvenating the properties as well as create new properties that can be developed into movies. This is just Disneys next step towards world domination. When Mickey and Goofy get elected president and vice president it is time to head for Canada.
  • Marvel is going to release Marvel Zombies 3. WHY WON'T YOU DIE!!!
  • Sales for Marvel's Secret Invasion mini-series are pretty strong. The first issue is said to have sold around the same amount of copies as Civil War #1 and more than twice the number of copies as the final issues of DC's Countdown to Final Crisis.
  • Ultimate Alpha Flight made their first appearance in issue #94 of Ultimate X-men. It was revealed that AF and Colossus are all junkies. What is the world coming to!?!? Filthy mutant junkies!
  • Barry Allen fans will be happy to know that the character will more than likely be making his come back in Final Crisis.
  • I've heard rumors, nothing official, saying that some of our favorite Lanterns may not be green much longer. When the the Blackest Night story line hits next year some fan faves may be trading in their green power rings for violet, indigo, black, red, orange, yellow, or blue ones (seen in GL #25). There have even been some rumblings that DC plans to have Barry Allen come back as a Blue Lantern, but you know how people love to speculate, and it could all be completely false. Still it would be kinda cool.

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