Friday, June 13, 2008

4e is here!

I finally got my Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition core rulebook collection yesterday!!! I called home at lunch to see how things were when the wife said ..."you got a package from amazon..", man did the rest of the day drag on. That had to be the longest 4 hours I have had in quite some time. All I could think about was getting home and ripping open that package. Which is exactly what I did the moment I walked in the door.
I haven't read all the way through the books yet, but first off I have to say the artwork is fantastic. I have mixed feelings about what little of the rules I have skimmed. On one hand it seems like the same old D&D we've been playing over the past 7 years, with just a few things to snazzy it up a bit. On the other hand it seems to be both easier and more complicated at the same time. There seems to be more to remember, but then again it is still new and I haven't read the whole thing.
When I do I will definitely be putting my review up, but for now I've got some rules to read and some dice to roll.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Somewhere out there...

Microsoft Corp. co-founder Paul Allen donated $30 million for SETI to create an array of 42 radio telescopes in the search for E.T. Over the years SETI has used thousands of other telescopes in their search, but the equipment was usually on loan from other institutions. This array will allow researches to investigate a million different stars and billions of radio channels in their search.
Researchers are still fine tuning the devices, but are hopeful that this array will allow them to more thoroughly search the sky.

Like most people I am optimistic about finding intelligent life on other planets, but not ready to start brushing up on my Klingon and Vulcan, just yet. While I would love to see it happen in my lifetime the universe is a pretty big place and I think it will be quite a while before we have the technological capabilities to find life out there.On the other hand I commend those that keep trying and wish them the best of luck ; nothing ventured, nothing gained.