Wednesday, July 20, 2011

G.I. Joe and some thoughts on other things

I was catching up on my comic book reading the other day, specifically the trade paperbacks of IDW's G.I. Joe series which I am really enjoying, and I realized that I've never seen a G.I. Joe RPG. Why the hell is there no G.I. Joe RPG? It would totally kick ass. Sure I know I can use everything from d20 Modern to Mutant Epoch to Shadowrun or even Rifts to run a G.I. Joe RPG, but that's not the point. I want an actual G.I. Joe RPG damn it!!!
Hasbro owns G.I. Joe and D&D, so why in the hell hasn't someone said "hey, why don't we make a G.I. Joe RPG" and made my dream a reality. I've enjoyed G.I. Joe since I was a kid. I watched the shows, I even sat through the movie multiple times and  I bought the toys and I still read the comics. (On a related tangent WTF were they thinking putting Marlon Wayans in that movie? Didn't he ruin the D&D movie enough? I'm sure he's a nice guy and to some people he's probably considered funny, but give me a break. Did they really have to make two movies about two properties that I have loved since childhood even worse by adding him?) I know that if they made a G.I. Joe RPG, I'd buy the hell out of those books. I'd really be even more happy if they released it in the Essentials digest format for easy carrying and use.

We went to the drive in over the weekend and saw Harry Potter and Transformer 3.
While I do think the books are way better (they usually are) I am still a fan of the Harry Potter movies. That being said The Deathly Hallows pt 2 was great! My wife and daughter have never read the books and they loved it.
Transformers 3 wasn't as bad as the second one except for Shia LaBeouf. I'm not a huge fan of his but he just came off as a whiny, self involved little bitch in this movie. After I got over wanting to beat him over the head with a bat, I actually started to feel embarrassed for him. His part in the movie was beyond horrible. Actually most of the humans in the movie made me feel embarrassed for them. The Transformers themselves were actually pretty damn cool and their part of the movie was entertaining. The kid-o loved it, but her and her cousin both agreed the people were annoying and the movie would have been better without them.

We also saw the previews for Captain America (awesome!) and Dark Knight (wtf? that made no sense and yes we get it.. its the end, shut up about it already).

I caught the leaked preview trailers for Avengers (double awesome!!) and Amazing Spider-man (meh, don't really care anymore). Both of which are pulled down from the sites where I saw them.

Some movies I'm looking forward to:
Smurfs (there's nothing wrong with liking the Smurfs, beside NPH is in it so it has to be funny, although he was also in Beastly and that was just bad, bad, bad)
Capt. America
G.I. Joe 2 (Completely Wayans free!!!!!)
Sherlock Holmes 2

If you are a Beastie Boys fan you gotta check out the 11 minute video for Don't Play No Game that I can't Win  and the video for Make Some Noise (or check out the 1/2 hour full version... yes 1/2 hour)

Tradepaper backs I've been reading lately:
G.I. Joe (IDW)
House of Mystery (Vertigo)
Hellboy(Dark Horse)
Irredeemable (Boom)
Showcase presents The Atom
Showcase presents Justice League of America
Saga of the Swamp Thing

Some of the comic books I'm enjoying right now:
Flashpoint: Batman Knight of Vengeance (This Batman is great!)
Dungeons & Dragons (This is my favorite D&D comic book series ever!)
Invincible (this series just keeps getting better)
Alpha Flight (even though it is tied in to the crappy Fear Itself event this book is still rockin')
Knights of the Dinner Table