Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Villains and Vigilantes is back and DC Adventures is coming!

Sometimes I feel like the world is just zipping right by me.
Since my gaming group has dissolved I've let school, family, comics and work take up the majority of my time. To be honest I've hardly even thought about RPGs.
I just happened to wander on to the DC boards where a "friend" informed me that Mutants & Masterminds was not only publishing a DC sourcebook but that it would be the debut of M&M 3e. I felt like such as dope because I had missed this information. Even if I never play another RPG, which I sure hope doesn't happen, as a huge DC fan, I am obliged to buy the DC books they release. This is especially since it is M&M, one of my favorite systems, that is releasing the sourcebooks from my favorite comic book publisher. Why couldn't they have done this years ago when I still had a group, the bastards. The first two books (I believe there will be 4 books total) are available for pre-order at right now. DC Adventures RPG Hero's Handbook and Heroes & Villains Book 1

Like nearly any RPG fan, the excitement of hearing that a long desired game/book is on its way immediately had my mind racing with ideas for campaigns. I also developed the usual urge to break out  some of my game books to read. I just enjoy reading my books, even for games I have never played.

Since I was already in a superhero kind of mood I got out my Villains and Vigilantes books, because I really like that system. When I found a few spare moments, I hoped on the computer & decided to check out the V&V groups and sites I like to visit form time to time. Then, like another smack to the face I find out that there is a V&V 2.1  available, from Monkey House Games through RPGNow. I didn't even know they were working on a new edition. That last I had heard V&V was tied up in some kind of rights dispute, but I am glad that things apparently worked out.

Naturally it took me about 2 second from the time I found out about V&V 2.1 to log on to RPGNow and buy the revised rules and the first official adventure for the newer system. Apparently the game is doing pretty well as V&V has ranked pretty high on RPGNow's list since its release. The successful launch even prompted House Monkey Games to offer another adventure, free of charge for V&V. You can find the link to the free adventure here.

It seems that the months ahead will be a good time for fans of superhero rpgs. Not only do we have new editions of some great systems, but a new edition that will also bring official source & rule books for DC to use in your M&M game. The fact that fan favorite Villains & Vigilantes is back in business after far too many years only makes it all that much better.

Now, I only wish I had a gaming group.