Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you all have a great Turkey Day!
Now, I'm going to go raid the kitchen with my fork of gluttony +1....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No more D&D for me... for a while

I'm taking this holiday season off from D&D. I'm a bit tired of all the hype, trash talking and in fighting among fans (I've done my fair share of all of them) about 4e and have decided to remove myself from the whole mess for a while. I have expressed my likes and dislikes for the system, argued my points, and mentioned WotC's inability to deliver as/when promised more than once.
I still like the 4e system, but for the remainder of the year I will not play D&D or talk about the game on this blog. I am declaring for the rest of the year, I will not post any opinions or reviews of the game. I don't even plan to post any news items. There are so many other blogs that will pick up any important D&D news, I know there will be more than enough quality info out there. If you don't believe me check out all the great blogs over at RPGbloggers, you won't be disappointed.
My brain is over saturated with anti-WotC sentiment, much of which I have caused and this has removed some of the fun for a game I have loved for too many years. So I'm taking this time to recharge my gaming batteries. After the new year maybe I will be able to look at the game the way I use to.
Granted there are only a handful of weeks left in the year, but my next 4-5 weeks will be D&D free.
This is my end of year resolution... no D&D for me.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Quick Review: Dead Reign

Though it didn't get published in time for Halloween, as I had hoped, I finally got my copy in the mail and it did not disappoint.
Dead Reign takes place on an earth that has been over run with zombies. Over all it is reminiscent of Max Brook's World War Z book. As a matter of fact when I first started to read the rule book it seemed almost as if this were really a game based on Mr. Brook's novel. Though as you read it does break off into new and interesting directions.
The PCs are "normal" people who are trying to stay alive in an undead world. The only really non human O.C.C is the half living, people who just don't quite die of the Zombie infection. Basically they are zombies that didn't completely turn and don't feed on human flesh.
The bad zombies are more than just your standard, mindless moaners, though those are the dominate kind, there are at least 7 types of zombies including intelligent zombies.
The walking dead aren't the only things to fear in the Dead Reign world. There are humans who have been driven mad, ones who form religions around death and those that are just plain evil for the PCs to contend with as well.
The book provides a great deal of well though out information for player and GMs alike. With Tons of equipment, ideas, information about the world, monsters, and rules for nearly all situations, this game is one of the few Palladium books I would say is actually "all you need to play".

This is a Palladium game so if you are familiar with the system this game should be a fun addition to your collection. If you are not a Palladium gamer the system has a learning curve, but it isn't that difficult to master. Most complain that Palladium games tend to follow a clunky rules system and while it may be true, the system is still fun. The Palladium system is an old school system I think that is what make it feel clunky at times. People have just gotten to use to playing the streamlined systems we see released each day, but all in all the Palladium system is really not bad once you get use to it.
My biggest praise for Dead Reign is that the book is much better organized than most Palladium games. If you've played Rifts you know what I am talking about. If you need to know a rule it is pretty easy to find on the Contents page.

Granted I am a zombie fan, but overall I had a blast with this game. I know there are tons of zombie themed games out there, some may be better than Dead Reign, but so far this is my favorite and a game I will not only be playing for quite a while, but one that I will incorporate into my Rifts and Beyond the Supernatural games. I may even work some of the zombies into my Palladium Fantasy campaigns.

My final word: The book is interesting, well written and just choked full of gaming fun. If you are a horror rpg or zombie fan( and who isn't?), you need to pick up this game.

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