Monday, March 30, 2009


Recently I have been hitting the various Tee shirt shops online looking for new tees to add to my collection. A good geek can never have enough, you know.
Anyway I have noticed that no where, on any of the sites, are they offering a Blue Beetle or Booster Gold t-shirt. Sure there are a couple of JLI and Formerly Known as the Justice League shirts that have those characters, along with others, on the front but none with only those characters. I want a Blue Beetle and a Booster Gold logo shirt. They have them for all the Lantern Corps and most of them haven't even been introduced yet! Hell they even have shirts for characters like The Greatest American Hero, Madman, and the Atom! But no Blue and Gold shirts?!?! WTF?
So if anyone out there is reading this and you work for a company that produces tees, make a note. Gimme Blue and Gold merchandise!
So say we all!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

PC/NPC Portraits

Image From Fantasy Clip Inks Warriors Set 1

Image courtesy of William McAusland and the gang over at Outland Arts.